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Customer Care Matters - Why

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The customer benefits because they have a better time, and a better experience. They’ll also benefit because they’re able to buy things they might otherwise have missed, you might help them plan their itinerary so being able to fit more in to their busy day or week, you might find them ways to help them save money or spot better deals, and you might help them save time or effort.

The business where you work benefits because the better the experience the customer has the more likely they are to:

  • spend more time (and potentially more money) with you
  • come back again
  • tell others about us and hopefully encourage them to come too

Other businesses will benefit as the longer your customers stay and more often visitors come to the area the greater the spin-off to other businesses. The better the reputation of each business the more business ultimately it will bring.

For example, if you work in a visitor attraction your visitors will need somewhere to eat, and will probably want to get involved in other activities such as having an ice cream on the beach or doing some shopping. If they’ve travelled far they’ll want somewhere to stay and may be looking for evening entertainment such as the cinema or bowling, local theatre or events.

It’s not just tourism that benefits; each of these businesses in turn has suppliers such as local greengrocers and butchers. So it helps the overall local economy.

And the more employment opportunities there are, the more money there is to spend in other shops and the local community as a whole.

So unless you give customers a great experience they won’t want to come back and you potentially lose all of the spin-off benefits.