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Spotting Opportunities

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Always be on the lookout for ways you can add value for your customers. Sometimes this saves them time, money or effort and sometimes it might lead to an extra sale, but as long as it as it adds value for the customer they are unlikely to mind us making a suggestion.

Three ways you can add value:

  • Think of  typical questions or problems your customers need solving. Imagine what they might want or need, offer alternatives, and highlight or suggest offers or deals that might complement what they’ve ordered or booked, or anything that might save them time, money or effort
  • Make personal recommendations; customers love getting the insider or local knowledge based on your experience and what fits their situation
  • Remember them: their birthdays, preferences, and at the very least their names. If you have access to a customer database use the information to wow them when you remember little details

Adding value is about telling customers about other products or services that might complement what they’re already having or doing, so you can really help the customers to have an even better time.

It’s not just about getting customers to spend more; it’s about giving the customer a better all-round experience, giving them something they might have forgotten to ask for, never even thought of or didn’t even know existed.