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Showing you Care - Getting Feedback

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Encourage and welcome feedback from customers. As much as you might not always like what you hear, far better to get feedback directly so that you can

  • Learn from positive feedback about what’s important to your customers so you can do more of it
  • Deal with any shortfalls before the customer leaves so they go away with a positive last impression
  • Reduce the potential for negative comments on TripAdvisor or social media
  • Learn from your mistakes so you can correct them

The more rapport you have with the customer the more likely you’re going to get honest and valuable feedback. Watch the body language of your customers; use your ears and eyes to tune into customers and spot when they are looking to get your attention, to ask a question, give you feedback, or have something to get off their chest. Always thank customers for bringing things to your attention. It all adds up to showing you care about them and their opinion.

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

WAsk your manager iconhen is a good time to get feedback from your customers? What can you do to get this feedback?

It may be helpful to note down your answer, why not discuss with your manager for ideas.