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Your customers don’t always know everything they need to know to make a decision as to whether a particular product or service is right for them. So they’ll often be looking to you for information, guidance or recommendations. You can only do this if you know your products and services well, so it’s important that you understand and can explain:

  • what they are and their benefits, so you can give detailed descriptions
  • how much it is
  • how it differs to other similar products and services (e.g. the difference between a standard room and deluxe room, or the difference between an all-inclusive ticket and a day pass)
  • what might make this particular product or service attractive to a customer (i.e. what might be the benefit or incentive of this product or service over others on offer either by you or by your competitors). For example: buying a family admission ticket might make a saving of £10, or buying a membership might pay for itself after four visits.
  • Who to go to if you get asked something you don’t know about this particular product or service

Be prepared to talk about your products and services in detail. The more you know that more confident you feel and the more trust you give your customers. If you don’t yet know about everything your business offers ask your manager for more information and ideally experience it for yourself if this is possible.

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

MaAsk your manager iconke a list of the things you need to ask your manager to show you or explain to you.