Meeting the Needs of Mobility Impaired Visitors

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Your organisation can provide a range of facilities and aids to assist customers with mobility impairments including:

  • ramps (permanent or portable)
  • chairs for use in reception/admission areas or for when visitors are viewing an exhibit or reading information
  • a wheelchair
  • a sign giving your telephone number outside  your premises in case customers need assistance

You can also ensure that:

  • internal and external routes are not obstructed
  • furniture in public areas is positioned to allow adequate access space for mobility impaired visitors
  • spillages are cleared immediately and any wet floors are signposted
  • internal and external lights are turned on when appropriate
  • accessibility toilets and other facilities are clearly signposted.


Take some time to think about this before moving on.

What steps has your business taken to meet the needs of mobility impaired visitors?

Ask your manager iconWhy not suggest some ideas to you manager, the more accessible your business, the more likely you are to attract mobility impaired visitors.