Customer Care Specialist

Making Recommendations

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Customers might order or buy one item or service but you’ll often spot other things which complement this. Such as:

  • Paying for entry to a visitor attraction, you tell them about a special show or exhibition that’s available today, and if they buy a ticket for that now it will work out cheaper as an inclusive ticket
  • They are ordering a main course, so you suggest a side dish or accompaniment to go with it
  • They’ve ordered coffees, but you’ve got some delicious freshly baked muffins which have just come out of the oven

So, make personal recommendations or suggest an obvious accompaniment. If they’re not sure be prepared to give more detail and maybe even an opportunity to try something before they buy it.

When there’s a wide choice be patient with customers, but maybe give some suggestions based on what they want so you can help them with their decision.

You don’t want or need to be pushy, but you don’t want to leave things to chance. So focus on making a suggestion, but leaving the customer with a choice.

You could ask or say:

  • Don’t forget you have__ today
  • Have you ever tried __?
  • Would you like me to tell you about__?
  • I know you usually have __, but how about a change this evening, and try__?
  • Did you know you have__ tonight? Would you like to try it?
  • Do you want me to add a couple of __ for you today?
  • I’ll tell you what would go really well with that is __
  • I know you like___, so you might be interested in this new__
  • I just thought I’d let you know about __, so you don’t miss out
  • Have you tried __ yet? I think the children would love it.
  • Can I suggest __ to go with that