Customer Care Specialist

Making Magic Moments

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Spot opportunities to make your customer’s day by adding little unexpected extras that can bring a smile to your customer’s face. It might just be something you say or a small gesture that really makes their day, such as paying them a compliment, picking up on something they’ve mentioned and finding it even though it’s not something you normally offer, or going out of your way to find some information on something they’ve enquired about.

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

Think about the things in Lesson 3: Understanding What Customers Want. What potential added extras can make an average experience into an amazing experience?

Think about ways YOU can add a touch of magic for your customers.

If yAsk your manager iconou’re a customer coming to your business what little touches would you love that would make it memorable or extra special for you? 

How many of these ideas could you try as an employee?

It may be helpful to note down your answer, why not discuss with your manager for ideas.