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Local Information

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A lot of your customers won’t be familiar with the area so to ensure they have a good time you need to think beyond just what is available in your own business, but know what the surrounding area has to offer.

The Bournemouth Ambassador additional modules: Access All AreasFamily Friendly and All-Weather Activities will give you a head start on this.

Make a list of other things your customers often ask for. For example: a map of the town, the number for taxi firms, where to buy greetings cards, postcards or umbrellas, the nearest chemist, recommended places to eat, bus routes out of town or to popular attractions, the nearest car parks for certain shops.

Whatever information you are giving out you must ensure its up-to-date and accurate. If you’re asked about something you don’t know, be honest, but make every effort to find out the information. Check with the customer that they are happy to wait while you find out; don’t just leave them stranded or on hold. Or if the customer doesn’t have time to wait while we find out refer them to someone else who does know and who can help them straightaway.

Pre-empt what customers want as much as you can. When giving information stick to what is relevant, but bear in mind customers normally appreciate it if you share some of our own personal recommendations or snippets of information they wouldn’t get in the guidebook.

If giving directions be precise. For example: rather than saying “it’s not far”, explain “it’s a ten minute brisk walk” or “it’s approximately quarter of a mile”. Bring your information to life with maps, pictures or describe landmarks of interest.

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

Ask your manager iconWhat’s the information you need to have at your fingertips to explain to customers when needed?

It may be helpful to note down your answer, why not discuss with your manager for ideas.