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Lasting Impressions

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Even customers who have had a fantastic time with you might still go away with a negative view if you don’t get the last impression right. So a fond farewell is just as important as a warm welcome.

You should always be aiming for customers to want to come back, or as a minimum recommend you to others.

What they see, hear or feel as they leave will certainly influence this.

When customers leave

You want customers to go away feeling

  • Appreciated
  • That they want to come back
  • That they want to tell others about their good time

You can help make this happen (even if something along the way has been a disappointment to them) by:

  • Paying as much attention to them now as when they arrived
  • Asking how they’ve enjoyed their visit/stay/time and really showing an interest in their answer
  • Asking for and listening to feedback
  • Showing you appreciate their custom by saying thank you
  • Leaving them information or pointing out information for future events to show you’d welcome them back again
  • Asking if you can send them information on future events they might be interested in
  • Asking them if they need directions, or anything for their journey
  • Helping them with luggage, doors, pushchairs, etc.
  • Wishing them a pleasant day/evening /journey home, etc.
  • Telling them you look forward to seeing them again

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

WhAsk your manager iconat do you think will stick in the minds of your customers when they leave?

It may be helpful to note down your answer, why not discuss with your manager for ideas.