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Family Friendly - Gardens & Town Centre

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And there’s more!  Bournemouth’s Pier Approach features a range of traditional fairground attractions – including the thrilling WaveSwinger and carousel, while the award-winning Lower Gardens are home to the Bournemouth Balloon, whose tethered “flights” provide spectacular bird’s-eye views from a height of 500 feet.

Close by, overlooking the Central Gardens, All Fired Up is a café-bar where children – and their mums and dads – can paint and decorate pottery items, while the Tree House Play Café (near The Triangle) and the Child’s Play Café (in Southbourne) are ideal for younger tots.

As well as the Lemur Landings soft play area near the Splashdown water park, there are children’s play areas on the clifftop at Southbourne, at Alum Chine, and in many of the town’s parks and open spaces – which double up as a picnic paradise.