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Behaviour affects behaviour

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The mood you are in will inevitably impact on your customers. So if you are unhappy, annoyed, tired, angry, or worried, any of these will be evident to your customers from your behaviour, particularly your body language. This can influence your customer’s experience and worse still rub off on your customers, which puts them in a bad frame of mind and makes you feel even worse.

Your customers shouldn’t suffer because you’re feeling down! So even if you’re having a bad day you need to focus on the positives: find something to be proud of, think of something that makes you laugh or makes you feel happy, focus on a challenge that will keep you interested and excited.

It’s amazing what a difference it can make to your customers when you focus on the positives. When you are happy your customers are far more likely to be happy. And when your customers are happy it’s a lot easier for you to be happy.