Assisting Wheelchair Users

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Below are some ideas for assisting wheelchair users:

  • Some wheelchair users can stand up and may be able to walk a short distance, others cannot
  • Never touch a wheelchair without asking permission first
  • For longer conversations, position yourself at the wheelchair user’s eye level
  • Before starting off, ensure that the person’s feet are correctly positioned on the foot rests
  • Use the handles to push a wheelchair, not the back of the chair
  • Watch out for obstacles and other hazards when you are pushing a wheelchair
  • Take particular care on ramps and slopes, when passing through doors and in narrow places
  • Make sure the brakes are applied when stationery or when someone is getting into or out of a wheelchair
  • Back into a lift so that the wheelchair user faces the door
  • Don’t try to carry luggage as well as push a wheelchair

Take some time to think about this before moving on.

What other ideas do you have for making access easier for your wheelchair users?

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