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All Weather Activities - Historical Buildings

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Bournemouth Pier itself is a year-round, all-weather attraction, with its own arcade games, a family-friendly restaurant and a theatre to keep visitors of all ages amused for hours on end.

You should also direct visitors to the East Cliff Promenade and the Russell-Cotes Museum. The building itself is magnificent, and inside is a huge collection of historic items from all over the world.

Also in Bournemouth there are blue plaques which commemorate important people and are normally placed on buildings, or the sites of buildings, associated with that person. The first blue plaque was erected in London in 1867 and the official blue plaque scheme is managed by English Heritage. In addition to this official scheme many Local Authorities have also devised their own.

Bournemouth Borough Council operates such a scheme and to date has designated 34 plaques. Although the majority of plaques commemorate important people there are also several which commemorate important buildings within the Borough.

Most of the plaques are of a circular design and painted blue and white however, there are several which vary from this standard format.  There is one at the Royal Exeter Hotel, Mary Shelley pub, Norfolk Royale Hotel and the Royal Bath Hotel.

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