Customer Care Specialist

Welcome to Customer Care Specialist

So in this module you’ll look at ways you can enhance your customers’ experience so that they always have a good time, stay longer, want to come back and tell all their friends about us.

You will already have completed the Ambassador course. We recommend you also complete the additional modules: Access All Areas, Family Friendly and All-weather Activities before completing this module.

There are five lessons in this module:

  1. Why your customers’ experience is important
  2. First and last impressions
  3. Understanding what customers want
  4. Engaging with customers
  5. Adding value and creating magic moments

In each lesson you’ll be given some background information, and you may be asked some questions relevant to your own job or about the business where you work. If you don’t know the answers to these questions simply note down the question so you can ask your manager or supervisor for help; it would be far better to find out this information now rather than when you have a customer waiting!

Your answers won’t be assessed, but they will help you to get the most from the programme and think about how the information is relevant to you. After some of the questions there are some suggested answers, so check your responses against these. Some of the questions are only relevant to your business or place of work, and as every business will be slightly different they don’t have a right or wrong answer. So once you’ve completed these questions you could ask your manager to review your answers with you.

Each lesson is broken down into a number of topics. Cover the information in each topic before taking the quiz at the end of the lesson.

The multiple-choice questions have only one correct answer and as you work through you’ll get feedback on whether you have answered correctly.

Good luck!