Bournemouth in 2017

Tourism in Bournemouth in 2017

With the UK economy beginning to recover, people have more money to spend and so travel and tourism is beginning to grow again.  More and more people are looking for ‘experiences’ and ‘memories’ when they choose their holidays.  Good service and excellent customer care is a vital part of creating these experiences – the growth of TripAdvisor and other feedback sites means that now as never before people can share what they think and influence others.

Bournemouth is an outstanding tourist resort, one of the most popular UK destinations.  It attracts 6.88 million visitors each year, who spend £501 million in the town, which supports 11,000 jobs; and tourism has a huge knock-on effect. The more successful Bournemouth is as a resort, the more jobs are created and the more money is spent in the town.

So all those working in tourism, and especially customer-facing staff need to be confident they fully understand everything available to visitors, so they can easily offer suggestions to guests and visitors.  Remember, happy visitors spend more, come again and recommend to others, which is what keeps the tourism economy growing.

So do you know what is new in Bournemouth this year, and more importantly, could you explain what’s new to visitors?  The next lesson gives you an overview of some of the things that will be making a difference in the town this season!