Bournemouth in 2017

Making Visitors Happy

All visitors – holidaymakers, day-trippers, families, and older people – want good customer service.  Their journey begins as soon as they look at a website, or search online for a holiday, or read a brochure.  A warm welcome is what they expect, the experience in the town needs to be attractive, and on departure, they need to feel valued and welcomed back. If you smile, they’re likely to return; but, of course, if you look miserable, they’ll go elsewhere!


Visitors expect four things in any tourism-related establishment:

1.  A Warm Welcome, showing interest in who they are and what they may want

2.  Events and visitor attractions to entertain them, all year round

3.  Immediate and accurate information relating to where they are staying, what they can do, how they can travel, what it costs and what’s new

4.  A fond farewell that makes them want to come back.

You don’t have to have all the information to hand (although it is impressive if you have!) but if you can show people where to find the information – websites, leaflets, contact numbers and so on – you’re halfway there. Being able to offer additional information about, for example, local tours or attractions or upcoming events is good service.