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Family friendly

Parents pay an average of £218,000 to raise a child from birth to the age of 21.  That works out at slightly more than £10,000 a year, or nearly £30 a day!

And much of that money is spent during holidays, when children demand extra treats. Take ice-cream – the British spend more than £1 billion a year, or £38 million a week, on ice cream alone!

And the holiday spending doesn’t stop there.  Buckets and spades, burgers and beans, fizzy drinks and fruit juice – they’re all extra!

For the tourism industry, families with children are big business.  Happy kids mean happy holidays, and mums and dads will willingly pay to keep a smile on their children’s faces.

So everyone working in the tourism industry should be ready to help to keep those smaller customers satisfied.  Recommending child-friendly activities and attractions may mean families have fun, it also means they are likely to spend more

Fortunately, Bournemouth is one of the country’s top family-friendly seaside resorts, with a host of things to appeal to children of all ages. Read on to find out more.

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