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All Weather Activities

Britain’s weather is very unpredictable any time of year. As a result, having a good choice of all-weather attractions is key to making a holiday in Britain happy!

Mainland Britain’s 11,000-mile coastline may be beautiful, but today’s holidaymakers don’t just want beach activities – they want to do things. Some tourism industry experts argue that we are seeing the return of the “traditional” seaside holiday. It might be better to say that people are taking a completely new kind of seaside holiday, where the beach is only part of the overall experience.

Interestingly, three of the UK’s most-visited attractions in 2013 were indoors, even though it was one of the sunniest years on record. So it’s very important that people working in the tourism industry know about all sorts of activities and attractions to allow you to give your customers the best advice – no matter what the weather.

So what does Bournemouth have to offer and what should you be recommending to visitors?

First, there’s the town’s award-winning Oceanarium, close to Bournemouth’s Pier. Home to thousands of fish, sharks and other marine creatures, it also features cute sea otters and some very weird sea horses. There are regular children’s activities during school holidays.

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