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Why do older people matter to tourism?

A better diet, more active life-styles, and better medicines mean that Britons are living longer.

According to the latest government statistics, there are now 10.8 million British residents over the age of 65, and that figure is expected to rise to more than 16 million within the next 20 years.

Over 65s make up more than 17 per cent of the country’s population and, the proportion of senior citizens is growing fast. By 2032, according to the Age UK charity, 22.4 per cent of UK residents will be over 65.

Retirees are thought to be 30 per cent better off now than in the year 2000, and an Age UK poll of older residents reveals that 82 per cent are looking forward to using their new-found leisure time – and money – to travel.

So there are now more people, with more time on their hands and more money in their pockets, and their big ambition is to get out and about. Tourism’s future is looking bright!

What do you need to think about? Please read on to find out more.

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