Poole Ambassador

This module is for everyone who works in tourism and wants to know more about Poole. It provides you with all the basics you need to make sure visitors receive the warmest possible welcome. It is also great fun for anyone who lives and works in the town.  Learn what Poole and the surrounding area offer visitors.

Course details:

There are a number of quizzes, make sure you read each section carefully before attempting the quiz. And, if it inspires you to go further, there are plenty of other fun and interactive courses to take.

The lessons form the basis of the Poole Ambassador course.

Here you will learn some interesting facts about Poole – facts you can pass onto your customers when they ask.

There are 6 lessons, work through each one answering the quizzes to complete the course.

  1. Poole Beaches & Quay
  2. Poole Parks, Tours & Walks
  3. Poole Entertainment
  4. Poole Seasonal Events & Festivals
  5. Poole Transport
  6. Poole Useful Websites


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