Customer Care Specialist

Welcome to the customer care specialist module which will explore in more depth, ways in which you can make your customers happy.  Did you know that it costs at least five times as much to win a new customer as it does to persuade someone to make a return?   In tourism and hospitality, most businesses rely on people coming back for more, and they do that if they have been made to feel special the first time!   So it makes sense that the more everyone understands how to make customers happy, the more value there is – good for you, who you work for, and the economy as a whole.

Course details

This course has five parts to it.  They explore why customer care is important, when you can make the most difference, and offer practical ways you can make a difference no matter what your role, or how much interaction you have with customers.

The five lessons cover:

  • Why your customers’ experience is important
  • First and last impressions
  • Understanding what customers want
  • Engaging with customers
  • Adding value and creating magic moments

At the end of each lesson there is a fun quiz for you to take to make sure you understand the points made.   This will enhance your skills and career prospects.

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