Bournemouth in 2015!

As a Bournemouth Ambassador you need to keep up to date with the very latest news on all that’s going on in the town.  This short module aims to fill you in on everything  you need to know to make sure visitors receive the warmest possible welcome in the 2015 season.

So read on for some key facts to remember this year, refresh  your knowledge on what’s new in Bournemouth and learn about the key events and festivals coming up.  And as always there are some reminders on how to make visitors happy

Course details

There are four lessons:

  1. Tourism in Bournemouth in 2015
  2. What’s new in town?
  3. 2015/16 Festivals
  4. Making the Bournemouth visitor experience the best

At the end there is a multiple choice quiz about what you have learned, so read each section carefully.

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