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Bournemouth Festival Makers - Air 2017

Welcome to the Bournemouth Festival Makers – Air  Festival 2017 course

Festival Makers are vital to the success of Bournemouth’s large public events, which bring tens of thousands of visitors into the town every year. From the Bournemouth Bay Run in April to the world-famous Air Festival in August, Festival Makers are there to help the smooth running of these major public events.

The Festival Makers programme is based on the highly successful London 2012 Olympic Games ‘Games Makers’ scheme. Anyone can take the course, however, you must have been successful at interview stage (with the Festival Organisers), to be an official Festival Maker.

All Festival Makers must also have successfully completed the Bournemouth Ambassador training prior to undertaking this module.

Please click on the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the end of each section, once you’re happy that you have fully understood the content. Once you have marked all sections complete, you can take a short quiz, and when you have successfully passed the quiz, you can print your certificate.

Good luck!

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