There are approximately 11.5 million disabled people in the UK – a massive market for tourism organisations in Bournemouth. Many travel with their family, friends or business colleagues, and they can be loyal customers and excellent ambassadors for your organisation. So there is a strong business case for making your organisation as accessible as possible.

Although services for those with additional needs have improved in recent years, there are still accessibility issues that can prevent disabled people from enjoying a visit to Bournemouth. These can relate to both the physical environment and the skills of staff to identify and meet their needs.

Removing barriers to accessibility, being prepared to welcome disabled customers with a positive attitude, communicating effectively with them and providing first class service are vital – both to our visitors and to the reputation of your organisation.

Accessible facilities can be very helpful to many other people. For example, ramps help those with buggies or wheeling luggage.

As a service provider, your organisation has legal responsibilities under The Equality Act. It is illegal to discriminate against a disabled person or to fail to make reasonable adjustments to meet their needs.

In this module you will learn about:

  • Accessible Bournemouth
  • Mobility impaired visitors
  • Visitors with learning disabilities
  • Visually impaired visitors
  • Hearing impaired visitors

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