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All of the courses available to you are listed below. In the majority of cases, you need to have completed the Bournemouth Ambassador training. We hope you find them informative and useful. Please share the courses with your friends and colleagues!

Bournemouth Ambassador

Bournemouth Ambassador is for all those who work in Tourism in Bournemouth, particularly those who meet customers and visitors in their working life. There are two sections – the first is all about Bournemouth and the surrounding area; the second asks you to think about customer care and how making visitors feel special is key to making them want to return and spend longer here.

Each section ends with a quiz. When you have completed the whole course successfully you can print out an official Bournemouth Ambassador certificate. And don’t forget there are lots more modules for you to try!

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Welcome Visitors to Bournemouth

Additional Modules

Additional modules offered cover a broad range of topics, access all areas, family friendly and more. Don't forget to subscribe to marketing in your profile if you want to know as and when new modules become available.

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